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March 8 is T.J. Vassar Day. Today, and many days, we are remembering this man who was a pillar of the Lakeside community.

In the 1960s, Vassar was one of the first three Black students to attend Lakeside. And after serving two influential terms on the Seattle School Board, he returned to Lakeside, working to make the school more diverse, inclusive, and equitable.

Here are three places to learn about Vassar and his legacy of social justice.

The City of Seattle proclamation, declaring March 8th, 2013 to be T.J. Vassar Day.

This Seattle Times article about Vassar, written after his passing. 

The fall/winter 2010 issue of Lakeside magazine, “The story of T.J. Vassar’68: A one-of-a-kind journey shapes a one-of-a-kind leader.” Written 11 years ago, this article has a wealth of detail about the changes Vassar was part of at Lakeside and in Seattle. The article was written at a moment in the school’s history; Vassar’s continued influence, as well as the efforts of many others, have resulted in steady changes at Lakeside in the areas of equity, inclusion, and anti-racism. Learn more about the school’s current work on the Our Work Together dashboard.

This evening, the Parents and Guardians Association T.J. Vassar Diversity and Community Committee is hosting Vassar’s daughter Asha Youmans, talking about her family’s legacy of social justice, both at Lakeside and Seattle. Parents, guardians, faculty, and staff received an invitation with a Zoom link. View a recording of the event here