An Independent School • Grades 5-12

by Chris Hartley, director of athletics

Hello Lions fans!

As we move forward into the competition schedule for WIAA Season 2, please remember that Lakeside School is a member of the Metro League. This league consists of all of the Seattle Public Schools and several private schools in the area. We are following the policies set by the league, which are outlined below.

MASKS: At this time, masks are required for all athletes, coaches, officials, and fans at all events. Masks are also required for all athletes and coaches during practices.

FANS FOR INDOOR SPORTS (basketball & wrestling): As long as King County remains in Phase 3, interscholastic competitions for basketball and wrestling are allowed. If the county moves back to Phase 2, practices can continue, but games/matches against other schools will not be allowed.

For home events, two fans per athlete are allowed to attend. Fans for away teams are not allowed. This is true for all varsity and sub-varsity events. Coaches will request the names of each athlete's two fans for each home event. Young children count toward the two fan policy, so please plan accordingly.

When fans arrive at The Paul G. Allen Athletics Center, they will check in with an athletics staff member and sign an attestation regarding COVID symptoms. Fans will be directed to specific areas of the bleachers.

FANS FOR OUTDOOR SPORTS (except Track & Field... see below): Two fans per athlete are allowed to attend both home and away competitions. The names of fans do not need to be submitted ahead of time. Please make sure that social distancing regulations are followed and that masks are worn at all times.

For home events on Parsons Field (lacrosse), fans may not use the bleachers and must be behind the track. We suggest that fans bring folding chairs. Please do not bring pets to the games.

For home events on Stimson-Carlisle (soccer), fans may not use the bleachers. There are two areas where fans can set up. The first is the parking lot on the south side of Stimson-Carlisle Field. We have coned off an area for fans next to the fence. The second is in the corners of the north side of the field, which can be accessed via a gate on the west side of the field (Sunnyside Ave N) will be open. We suggest that you bring folding chairs. Please do not bring any pets.

Track & Field - The number of athletes and coaches at each event will be well over 100 participants. To ensure social distancing, the bleachers will need to be used for athletes to spread out when not competing. There is no additional space for fans. So, fans are not permitted at track and field meets.

We are excited to have more people cheering on the athletes and teams! Please remember to be a respectful fan. The coaches work hard to instill sportsmanship ideals in their athletes. We need the fans to follow those same high standards. Your support always comes in the form of praise for great plays and great efforts.

Also, we will continue to livestream most of the competitions. You can access the links to the events via each team's Twitter feed. Coaches will also share those links with athletes' families.

Go Lions!

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