An Independent School • Grades 5-12

by Chris Hartley, Director of Athletics

After starting last year with no sports, seeing our athletes in action makes my heart swell with joy. Our talented and dedicated coaches are sharing their wisdom, building a positive, inclusive culture, and giving our students opportunities to grow, be challenged, and make lifelong friends.

This message outlines the health and safety measures we are following to ensure that as many athletes as possible are able to participate in athletics for as long as possible.


These guidelines were established by the Metro League using the Department of Health K-12 Guidelines as a reference.

  • Volleyball
    • All fans, regardless of vaccination status, must be masked at all times.
    • All coaches, athletics staff, and officials must be masked at all times at practices and competitions.
    • Athletes must be masked when not engaged in play or drills at practices and competitions.
  • Swim & Dive
    • Fans are not allowed to attend swim meets during the regular season. Space is limited in the pool facilities and is needed to ensure that there is appropriate space for all athletes to be socially distanced.
    • Athletes must wear masks when not in the pool at practices and competitions.
  • Outdoor Sports (note the changes from the previous set of guidelines)
    • All fans, regardless of vaccination status, must be masked at all times.
    • When not participating in drills or competitions, athletes must wear a mask if they cannot be at least three feet apart from each other (exception is rowers when in boats on the water).


At this point, the Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) has not changed any of its policies. However, we ask that the same guidelines above are followed.

  • All fans, regardless of vaccination status, wear masks at all times.
  • Athletes, when not engaged in active, team activities wear masks when it is not possible to be at least three feet apart at practices and competitions (exception is rowers when in boats on the water).


  • First and foremost, THANK YOU!
  • Please bring a mask with you and wear it properly at all times.
  • Our coaches work hard to teach sportsmanship. We expect our fans to show it as well.
    • We cheer for our team and not against our opponents.
    • We are respectful of the officials.
    • We show respect when an opponent is injured.
  • Please do not bring your dog with you to events. (I love dogs, have had a dog in my life since I was very young, and love every minute that I am with my dog, Ranger. But, there are too many issues that could pop up with dogs at events including, but not limited to, impacting those with allergies, dogs getting loose and disrupting competition, and dogs not getting along with each other. Thanks for understanding.)

We look forward to three full seasons of competitions and the joy that athletics brings to so many people! The health and safety guidelines that are in place are there to minimize the chances of positive cases and spread.

Thanks for your support!

Go Lions!

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