An Independent School • Grades 5-12

Members of the Lakeside community are invited to participate in Lakeside Summer Reads 2021! Upper School students, faculty, and staff have recommended a wide range of books to help inspire reading choices over the summer break. Check out the fourth-annual list here, and find Summer Reads lists from prior years here

“Self-directed reading is a foundational skill for growth and learning, and summer can be a great opportunity for students to engage with personal reading choices they may not have had time for during the school year,” says librarian Monica Gu. “Reading has been shown to increase empathy, improve writing skills, and expand our understanding of, and access to, perspectives and experiences that differ from our own,” adds librarian Carly Pansulla. “Reading something you’ve chosen for yourself can be really empowering and fun. Summer is a great time to encourage students to dive into whatever reading choices they’re interested in, as reading of any kind helps to strengthen the active reading they’re tasked with in their classes during the school year.”

To help encourage lots of reading, the library will be running a summer reading raffle for students who choose to read over the break. Upper School students can enter the raffle by submitting short (3-5 sentences) reviews of any books they read over the summer — either off the Summer Reads list or from their own "to be read" pile. For each book they read, they can enter a new review (and a new raffle entry). Students can submit reviews using this form throughout the summer; the deadline for submissions is Sept. 17. Raffle prizes include bookstore gift cards and Super Secret Surprise Mystery Totes filled with book-themed goodies. Financial aid will apply to summer reading. Please contact Tearon Joseph for financial aid details (, 206-440-2773).