An Independent School • Grades 5-12

The Spring/Summer 2020 issue of Lakeside magazine was released on July 15, putting an unofficial cap on Lakeside’s year-long celebration of its centennial year. Following last issue’s look back at the school’s first 100 years, the features in the new issue explore Lakeside and education in the century to come. 

Anchoring the issue is Eric Hudson’s report on Lakeside's re-envisioning. Eric works for Global Online Academy and has been serving as a consultant on Lakeside's initiative to shift the school’s educational program toward an emphasis on competencies and mindsets. He speaks and writes frequently about trends in modern education, and brings a wealth of experience and context to the subject.

Other highlights of the issue include:

  • A feature on how Mike Towns’s advanced physics unit on avalanche science shows what more and more classes at Lakeside will look like in the future.
  • A gallery of alumni "futurists" who are anticipating — and already creating — the future.
  • An artist's sketchbook of June’s drive-in style commencement.
  • Introductions to new administrators Reem Abu Rameh and Wellesley Wilson.
  • A round-up of Lakeside alums who quickly pivoted to help fight the spread of COVID-19.
  • The first refresh of the magazine design in more than 10 years, executed by art director Carol Nakagawa.

The July 15 mailing reflects a new, slightly delayed scheduled that allows the spring/summer issue to include full coverage of Lakeside’s spring semester and end-of-school year events.

A digital "flip version" of the current issue, plus back issues, can be found the magazine's web page: