An Independent School • Grades 5-12

The Fall/Winter 2021 issue of Lakeside magazine was released in late December, midway through Head of School Bernie Noe’s final year at Lakeside. The issue honors the legacy of Noe’s 23-year tenure as the school’s leader.

Anchoring the issue is Noe’s wide-ranging interview with former Lakeside editor Carey Quan Gelernter. The edited interview that appears in print is an excerpt from two conversations at the start of his final year at Lakeside. An expanded interview transcript is available on the Lakeside magazine webpage.

Other highlights of the issue include:

  • A timeline history of highlights and milestones under Noe’s leadership.
  • Noe’s directly challenging speech to faculty at the start of his fourth year, from the Jane Carlson Williams ’60 archives.
  • Director of Athletics Chris Hartley’s reflection on “Lakeside’s Head Coach.”
  • Parting thoughts from Noe in his final “Head Note” column.

A digital "flip version" of the current issue, plus back issues, can be found the magazine's web page: