An Independent School • Grades 5-12

by Bert Valdman, chair of Lakeside’s Board of Trustees

“Lakeside’s First Century: A History of Purpose and Progress” commemorates in pictures and words the origin and evolution of Lakeside School since its founding 100 years ago. The history book highlights the major milestones, decisions, and events that form the substance of what is unique to Lakeside.

As I flipped through the pages of this thoughtfully crafted tabletop book, I felt grateful and proud to be part of such a successful and forward-thinking institution. I also reflected on the stewardship of Lakeside’s Board of Trustees in guiding the school through periods of major social and economic upheaval. 

Change management is a popular topic these days, particularly as industries anticipate and prepare for the seismic impact of information technology-enabled automation. How quickly and profoundly our personal and professional lives will be transformed is a topic of active discussion — in the world and at Lakeside, through the re-envisioning process.

What board governance principles will endure to guide Lakeside during the next century? And what framework will our board members use when we meet this year to make decisions about the re-envisioning process and growth

Four themes are constants from Lakeside’s past 100 years:

  • A commitment to serve a dynamic and growing community, in Seattle and the region. 
  • A high level of financial discipline to assure a stable economic foundation to support and sustain the school’s mission. 
  • An openness to new ideas, pedagogy, and community engagement to allow students to reach their full potential as individuals and have a positive impact on their communities in their adult lives.   
  • A focus on attracting, developing, and retaining top talent—students, faculty, staff, and administrators.  

Today, trustees don’t loom as large in the day-to-day life of the school as their predecessors. Appropriately so, since the administration of the school is under the charge of talented and dedicated professionals. But behind the scenes, the board remains committed and vigilant in ensuring that the guiding governance principles of the past 100 years remain Lakeside’s North Star.