An Independent School • Grades 5-12

by Chris Hartley, Director of Athletics

I am sad to report that the league in which we compete, the Catholic Youth Organization (CYO), has made the decision to cancel the basketball season. Given that we were unable to field teams last spring and this fall, this news is particularly hard to digest. I am disappointed. The coaches are disappointed. And, I have no doubt that students will be disappointed.

The Athletics department will continue to look for creative ways to bring students together when they are on campus for classes. We are eager to have the students exercise with friends and feel the joy of participating in athletic activities.

Mike Lengel, who has served as our assistant director of athletics at the Middle School, has transitioned away from his role at the Middle School, and is now working with the communications office as the Digital Content Producer, while continuing his role with Athletics as the Creative Content Director, as well as the football program head. 

For the next few months, Dionna Leach, who is filling in for Bird Newland while she is on leave, and I will be managing the tasks associated with Middle School athletics. We will be making plans to restructure the department to ensure that our Middle School athletics program remains well-organized, fun, and a great place for students to play, learn, and build community in the company of amazing coaches.

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