An Independent School • Grades 5-12

The work of Lakeside School’s visual arts faculty Kyle Cook, Jacob Foran, and Barry Wong is currently exhibited in Pigott Arts Center in the sixth annual visual arts faculty show. In the inverse of a typical gallery show, the exhibit focuses on process rather than the finished product. The faculty — all of whom are working artists — have installed work over a period of weeks, and show is now open.

The goal of the exhibit is to give students a firsthand look at the multistep collaborative process of putting together a group show. Throughout the weeks leading up to the official opening, classes meet in the space and discuss aspects of creating an exhibition, including creating and selecting artwork, evaluating the size of the various pieces, writing an artist statement, considering the flow of the space, hanging and lighting the show, publicizing it, and working the opening.

Exhibitions are a key part of the creative process, and an important part of what students learn in visual arts classes at Lakeside. “We do this exhibition so that students can sense what it's like to be a professional artist and feel what a professional creative practice is like. Like everything we do as teachers, we hope students see something in the gallery that challenges and inspires them to create their own work.” says Foran. 

This is the first exhibit of the year in the Pigott Gallery, which will host a rotating selection of student artwork throughout the year. It also hosts more formal gallery-style exhibitions, including the Upper School Midwinter Arts Show later this year. Seniors working in the visual arts mount their own group shows in the spring.