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Lakeside’s re-envisioning

Lakeside’s re-envisioning encompasses a set of projects exploring new ways to answer the question: Within the framework of Lakeside’s mission and values, how do we teach students to make good decisions and act on them?

The projects include examining what students will learn through the overall educational program (the content, mindsets, competencies, and skills); the structure of the program itself (the length and organization of the academic year and school day); other special programs we don’t currently offer (internships, intensives, etc.).

Our goal is to do what Lakeside has done so well for 100 years: Prepare our students to live joyful lives of meaning and service in the world they find when they graduate.
Bernie Noe, head of school

Why re-envision Lakeside?


Competencies and mindsets

Lakeside School has identified six competencies and seven mindsets we believe our school should focus on teaching students over the course of their time here. We believe these competencies and mindsets are especially appropriate for students to engage in during grades 5-12, in preparation for their future educational goals and their personal and professional lives.

Lakeside defines competencies as what graduates can do, and mindsets as who graduates are – what they value, how they behave, and the frames through which they see the world. While content, sometimes referred to as “domain knowledge” (dates, equations, etc.), remains important, it will become secondary to what students can do with their knowledge.

Learn more about competencies and mindsets in this article and find the full list below.

Competencies – What graduates can do

Mindsets – Who graduates are

Re-envisioning updates

This monthly series shares regular updates with members of the school community and highlights upcoming milestones. 


New academic dean will play leading role in re-envisioning

Lakeside’s new academic dean, Hans de Grys, shares details on his new position, and how he’ll work with leadership to guide the school’s 5-12 academic program in a way that supports Lakeside’s mission and re-envisioning.