An Independent School • Grades 5-12

Middle School

Check out the classrooms and other spaces where Middle School students spend their days.

Main entrance
English classes
Busy hallways
Science classes
Visual arts
Math classes and math clubs
Middle School gym
Lunch room
Music classrooms
Library and study hall
Athletic field

Student Voices

For getting work done, the A/V room in the upper floor of the library is a place where my friends and I go. There’s a speaker system and we like playing music while we do work. For hanging out, there’s always food and comfy couches in Ms. Zinda’s office. During second semester freshman year, I started making friends who hung out there, and it’s where I found myself most days.– Drew C. '17

Upper School

Upper School students give the scoop on where they like to spend time.

Parsons Field
Pigott Memorial Library
Silent reading room
Allen-Gates Core
Red Square
Drama office
Workrooms and classrooms
WCC and Refectory
Training room
The Paul G. Allen Athletics Center