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All Lakeside students benefit from the significant investment donors have made to Lakeside School’s endowment. The endowment supports everything from financial aid for nearly a third of Lakeside’s students; professional development for Lakeside’s teachers; thought-provoking speakers of national importance; and the life-changing experiences public school students have in LEEP. See a complete list of endowment funds below.

Academic Excellence

Allen Fund for Learning Technologies

Barrett Upper School Library Fund

Daniel Stewart Blom '74 Memorial Endowment

John Burlingham '52 Endowment for Mathematics

Maxwell Carlson Memorial Endowment Fund

Endowment for Diversity and Equality Education

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Funds

Lakeside Intercultural Program (LIP) Endowment

Endowment for Land and People

Amy Mackoff '80 Library Fund

Mission Campaign Global Service Endowment

Outdoor Studies Endowment

Parents Association Mark Sheppard Endowment for the Performing Arts

Vern L. Parrington Discretionary Fund

Roach Family Global Service Endowment

Schoening Memorial Outdoor Studies Endowment

Meera & Ramamurthy Suresh Global Service Learning (GSL) Endowed Scholarship

Endowment for Teaching in Economics

Wang Family Endowed Fund for Instrumental and World Music


Ackerley Athletics Center Endowment

Philip W. Bailey Endowment

Capital/Building Projects

Justin Casserly Memorial Endowed Cross-Country Fund

Endowment for Coaching Excellence

Frank Cunningham Endowed Fund for Rowing

Keith Grinstein Endowment for the Ackerley Athletics Center

John E. Ryan III '57 Memorial Fund

Robert D. Watt ’30 Permanently Restricted Plant Fund

Faculty Excellence

Woodford B. Baldwin ’57 Endowed Chair in History

Frederick W. Bleakney Endowed Faculty Chair in English

Clark Family Endowed Chair for the Sciences

Bill and Lucy Dougall Fund for Inspirational Teaching

E. E. Ford Faculty Enrichment Fund

Graduate Education Fund

Bob and Linda Helsell Family Endowment

Steven C. Higgins ’88 Memorial Endowment for English

G. Elaine Hughes Endowed Fund for Faculty Excellence

Claude G. Johnson Memorial Fund

Macaluso Endowment for Educational Leadership

Charles McCuskey Memorial Endowment Fund

Mission Campaign Professional Development

Egon and Laina Molbak Fund for Faculty and Staff

Oki Family Endowed Fund for Faculty Excellence

Harula Panos Endowment for Faculty

Eleanor and William Reed Fund for Academic Excellence

Schlaepfer Family Endowed Faculty Chair in Mathematics

David E. Skinner ’37 Leadership Fund

Stevens Family Endowment

Dexter K. Strong Faculty Endowment

Victor Family Endowed Fund for Faculty and Staff Graduate Education

Financial Aid

Ackerley Family Endowed Scholarships

Robert S. Adams Endowed Scholarship

Gilbert and Mary Jane Brown ’50 Anderson Endowed Scholarship

Auld Family Endowed Scholarship

Bruce V. Bailey ’59 Endowed Scholarship

Bain Family Endowed Scholarship

Barer Family Endowed Scholarship

Kathryn Patton ’90 Beal and Bruce Beal Endowed Scholarship

Benaroya Family Endowed Scholarship

Burgess-Haig Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Frank Calvert ’63 Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Clark Family Endowed Scholarships

Class of 1977 Endowed Scholarship

Jennifer Louise Crary ’84 Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Barbara Lease '50 Crutcher Endowed Scholarships

Drumheller Endowed Scholarship

Harold E. Dupar ’43 and Janet Elizabeth Dupar ’45 Holdcroft Endowed Scholarships

General Endowed Scholarship Fund

Kent H. Evans ’73 Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Excellence in Action Endowed Scholarships

William C. Fix ’44 Endowed Scholarships

Frink Family Student Aid Endowment

Marilou and Jack Goodfellow Endowed Scholarship

Griffin Family Endowed Scholarships

Virginia Satterberg '43 Helsell Endowed Scholarships

William A. Helsell '42 Endowed Scholarships

Melonee and Russell ’84 Horowitz Endowed Scholarship

Hughes Family Endowed Scholarship

George P. Hutchinson Endowed Scholarship

Mark A. Jensen, Jr. ’62 Endowed Scholarship

KSM Endowed Scholarship

Martin Kushner Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Lecocq-Nettleton Endowed Scholarships

LEM Endowed Scholarship

Darwin James Liao '86 Memorial Endowed Scholarship

WPY Mao and SY Tong Endowed Scholarships

McCoy-Livingston Endowed Scholarships for Servant Leadership

Mission Campaign Financial Aid

Egon and Laina Molbak Endowed Scholarship

Frank G. Moran Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Padden Family Fund in Support of Disadvantaged Students

Parents Association Endowed Scholarship

Parents Association Special Need and Opportunity Endowment Fund

Parker Family Endowed Scholarship

Mr. Parsley Endowed Scholarship

George B. Perry ’32 Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Jim and Gaye Pigott Endowed Scholarship

Pigott Grandchildren Endowed Scholarship

Riley and Nancy Pleas Family Foundation Endowed Scholarship

Powel-O’Brien Endowed Scholarship

Prentice Family Endowed Scholarship

Andrew Price III ’73 Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Rasmuson Family Endowed Scholarships

Reader’s Digest Endowed Scholarship

Repass Family Endowed Scholarship

Adam ’85 and Tamara Sloan Endowed Scholarship

Jerry St. Dennis Endowed Scholarships

St. Nicholas Endowed Scholarships

Akila and S. Somasegar Family Foundation Student Aid Endowment

Stanton-Hillman Family Endowed Scholarship

James S. Steil ’62 Discovery Fund

Steil Family Endowed Scholarship

Archibald W. Talbot Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Donald Van Dyke ’02 Endowed Scholarship

T.J. Vassar ’68 Endowed Scholarships

Ruth Hulbert Ware Memorial Endowed Scholarships

Weiland Family Endowment Scholarships

Weyerhaeuser Company Foundation Endowed Scholarship

Peter A. Wiley ’76 Endowed Scholarships

Ann Theiline Pigott Wyckoff Endowed Scholarships

Thomas H. Youell Memorial Endowed Scholarship

General Endowment Fund

Norton Clapp General Endowment Fund

General Endowment Fund

Jeffrey Manson Haug ’74 Memorial Fund

Julia Lee Roderick ‘43 Knudsen Memorial Fund

Milestone ’97 Fund

Mission Campaign General Endowment Fund

PACCAR Endowment Fund

Parents Association General Endowment

Reginald H. Parsons General Endowment


Auld Family LEEP Fund

Dan Ayrault LEEP Endowment

Mike and Ginna Dunn LEEP Endowment

Fluke LEEP Scholarship Fund

Frink LEEP Fund

David Ingham '90 LEEP Scholarship Fund

LEEP Endowment Fund

Frank Magusin LEEP Endowment

Mission Campaign LEEP Fund

Pigott Grandchildren Endowed LEEP Scholarship

Gordon Powell Memorial Fund for LEEP

Jon ’60 and Judy Runstad LEEP Endowed Scholarship

Steil Family Endowed Scholarship

Robert Taylor ’78 and Edith Cooper Endowed Fund for LEEP

Jim and Ruth Youngsman LEEP Endowment

Speakers Series

Dan Ayrault Memorial Endowed Lecture Fund

Mark J. Bebie ’70 Speakers Fund

Belanich Family Speaker on Ethics and Politics Endowment

BMGI Speakers Series

Ready to make a gift?

To direct your gift to an endowment or include Lakeside School in your will, please contact Carol Borgmann, director of major and planned giving at or call 206-440-2931.